How To: Goddess Braids FOR BEGINNERS! (Step By Step)

How to Do Goddess Braids

Goddess Braids


Making a huge splash in the , the goddess braids are back and better than ever. Seen on , Ciara and other stylish celebs, this hairstyle is low maintenance, edgy and unique. If you are sick of your plain Jane haircut why not give the goddess braid a chance – you can alter it to suit your style and vibe.



What are Goddess Braids?

Similar to the box braid, goddess braids are merely a different take on a classic braid, essentially being a thicker, bolder version of traditional cornrows. Known as a protective styling technique, goddess braids are perfect for any woman wanting to keep their hair damage-free while looking chic and trendy at the same time. With so many alternatives to this hot hairstyle, you can play around with different designs and make it your own.


What Are Goddess Braids


Goddess Braids Styles

Double Goddess Braids

Double the braid means double the fun when it comes to this style, allowing you to choose where you want your braids to sit. Keep braids close to the ears for a younger look, or keep them high on the scalp and down the back of the head in a narrow line for a bolder style.


Double Braids


Goddess Braids Updo

Updos don’t need to just be reserved for a fancy cocktail party. Instead, section the top half of the hair into two fun buns, with braids coiled around the head. The result will be a modern, fashionable style to match your vibe.


Braids Updo


Four Goddess Braids

Four braids are easiest to achieve as pictured below; evenly parted and braided straight down the back. To keep it classic, finish the braids and have them down, or tie them into a ponytail or bun at the nape of the neck for a trendy twist.


4 Braids1


Goddess Braids in a Bun

A high or a low bun is super flattering, lifting the hair back and exposing the best facial features. To mix things up, part the hair into narrow and thicker sections and braid it for a dramatic look.


Braids Bun


Goddess Braids in a Ponytail

Timeless and trendy, you can’t go wrong with a ponytail, and if you’re getting towards the end of having your braids in then this is also ideal.


Braids Ponytail

Three Goddess Braids

The more the merrier, and three braids are no exception. Make the style your own by curling the baby hairs at the front of the face for a modern look.


3 Braids


Goddess Box Braids

Greatly similar to each other, the box braid and goddess braid combo is a force to be reckoned with. Super sleek and feminine, this style is perfect for the sophisticated woman.


Goddess Box Braids


Five Goddess Braids

With two either side and one down the middle, this style allows the braids to be thicker and bigger, ensuring you make a statement hairstyle.


5 Braids


Goddess Braid Crown

Feminine and pretty, a goddess braid crown is unique, different, and stylish. Have all hair tied up for a chic look, or keep it loose and free for a Roman goddess vibe.


Braids Crown


Six Goddess Braids

Instead of straight down the back, why not try parting your hair to create intricate patterns for a modern take on this hairstyle. The result will be stylish and unique.


6 Braids


Goddess Braids with Bangs

Ladies with bangs don’t stress, you can still get the goddess braid hairstyle. Try a halo braid around the crown of the head, with a textured finish to your side-swept bangs.


Braids Bangs


Big Goddess Braids

Go big or go home, and these braids say just that. Try braiding in hair extensions for extra thickness and re-apply hairspray where needed to keep the stray hairs in check.


Braids Big


Blonde Goddess Braids

Blonde hair looks impressive in braids due to the different hues and tones in the colour. No matter what length your hair is, this hairstyle will be taken to the next level.


Blonde Goddess Braids


Goddess Braids with Colour

Add a pop of colour for a unique look by braiding in extensions in a shade that compliments your natural tone.


Braids Colour


Cute Goddess Braids

What makes this look cute is the multiple braids and their placement. Play around with this style and make it your own. Have your braids hanging down the sides rather than towards the back.


Cute Braids


Goddess Braids Cornrows

You can wear them out or tied back, but either way, this look will still ooze cool. The thinner braids are inspired by the 90s fashion, yet they are just as chic now as ever before.


Braids Cornrows


Halo Goddess Braid

Named after its likeness to the look of a halo, this style is angelic. Keep hair textured and not too polished.


Halo Braid1


Red Goddess Braids

Different hues mean different looks, and you can’t go wrong with red. Choose a wash-out colour for a brief yet stylish statement, while not committing to a permanent dye.


Red Braids


Goddess Braids to the Side

Mix up your lengthy goddess braids by sweeping them to the side for the ultimate glam look. Don’t stop at just two, twirl your braids of different sizes for a unique pattern.


Braids To The Side


Goddess Braids with Shaved Sides

An edgier, more modern take on the braid, this style is easier to maintain yet still makes you stand out in the crowd. This look is perfect for people with rounder faces, as the short sides will create an elongated effect.


Braids Shaved Sides


Goddess French Braids

Technically, the Goddess French braid is the style of braiding where outer sections are weaved over the top of the centre and not under. Neat and elegant, this style oozes sophistication.


French Goddess Braid

Jumbo Goddess Braids

The best of all goddess braids is the jumbo braid. Get the look by parting hair into thick sections before braiding, and if you want a bolder, chic style, why not opt for extensions.


Braids Jumbo


Long Goddess Braids

Perfect for ladies with longer hair wanting to stay free from damage. Keep them out for a statement, or tie them in a high ponytail for instant glam.


Long Braids


Small Goddess Braids

Small goddess braids are sleek and sexy. This style suits all hair types and it is perfect for any occasion.


Small Braids


Goddess Twist Braids

Shake things up with intricate twists through the ends of your braids – style them upward towards the crown for a striking look.


Braids Twist


One Goddess Braid

One goddess braid works perfectly with thick hair. For finer hair, go for multiple Dutch or French braid styles at the top that join into one at the bottom. Add extensions for extra drama.


Braids One


Fishtail Goddess Braids

This look is perfect for thicker haired ladies. Start with a goddess braid at the crown, and when trailing down to the nape of the neck, switch to a fishtail braid ponytail for a cool vibe.


Braids Fishtail


Goddess Braids with Curls

We’re not joking when we say that baby hair is seriously on trend. Accentuate them around your face with some product at the front, and use a curling iron to create loose curls at the ends of your goddess braids.


Braids Curls


Goddess Braids on Short Hair

Just because you have short hair doesn’t mean you miss out on rocking the look. Style up your hair with some beads at the end of each braid for a playful impression.


Short Goddess Braids

Goddess Braids to the Back

Striking yet sophisticated, taking your goddess braids straight back lifts the face and cheekbones for a flattering look. This style looks amazing on ladies with longer hair, letting the braids fall down the back.

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